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Fields of Ice Arabella Edge

Fields of Ice

Arabella Edge

Published February 1st 2011
ISBN : 9780330536240
259 pages
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 About the Book 

Fields of Ice tells the dramatic story of Franklins third and final expedition to the North-West Passage through the eyes of the ships cook, Canot. The Erebus and the Terror set sail from Greenhithe on 19 May 1845. On board were Sir John Franklin, a crew of a hundred and twenty-nine men, and three years provisions. Franklins plan was to find the North-West Passage, a northern sea route to Asia that had eluded European explorers for hundreds of years. He was never heard from again. When Franklin failed to report back, his wife started a major campaign to try to find her missing husband. Alongside Sir John Franklins journey, Fields of Ice tells the story of Jane, Lady Franklin, a strong, redoubtable woman, who spent years trying to raise money and support to send out expeditions to find her husband and his men.