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Achor J.H. Sifontes


J.H. Sifontes

Kindle Edition
221 pages
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 About the Book 

Dr. J. T. Hamilton is one of the head-honcho archaeologists of our day. He is about to venture into a new dig, but he needs help-a special kind of help. Hamilton knows just the man: Jack Silver, a writer he used to knock heads with as a kid-literally. Lets bury the bad old blood from the past and start afresh as partners, eh? They meet, they talk, and they form a partnership by shaking hands, not biting them. A trip to Israel, a day of excavation, and an earthquake later, Silver finds Hamilton just where he expects: excavating the Valley of Achor by himself. What Silver doesnt expect is to see Hamilton covering instead of discovering. Did the earthquake do more damage on Hamiltons head than Silvers fists did as kids? Hamilton answers by relating an experience he just went through. He went to the past and saw what happened there-and why. Crazy? Uh-huh. Unbelievable? You bet! But hey, hes got proof . . .