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City Lies Preston Pairo

City Lies

Preston Pairo

Published July 18th 2014
Kindle Edition
303 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Secrets That Get You Killed.BALTIMORE, 2002. Four years ago, a sadistic killer called Bright Eyes stalked the city for a harrowing summer until homicide detective Jimmy Griffin shot him in cold blood. Bright Eyes body plunged into the harbor and was never found, but the killings stopped.Now, in the midst of another sweltering summer, Griffin uncovers a new Bright Eyes victim, and sets off on a twisted chase complicated by his own lies and deceptions, and the secrets of everyone around him, including his wife.City Lies examines the complex issues that echo from acts of revenge, greed, power, and lust.Based upon the authors novel, BRIGHT EYES (Onyx, 1996), CITY LIES is a complete recreation of the story that unfolds from that original premise.