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Kapu Aina Terry W. Fritts

Kapu Aina

Terry W. Fritts

Published January 1st 2008
ISBN : 9780979151439
280 pages
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 About the Book 

TERROR RIPS AT THE SOUL OF HAWAII. Tourism grinds to a halt as a series of catastrophic attacks isolate the islands from the world. In Russia, four suitcase nukes are missing and the Russians are blaming the United States for the theft. On the mainland, a deadly Ebola strain has begun to claim its victims. Could Aioka Matsuura, the mastermind behind the terrorist group the Red Summit, be responsible for all these acts? Jotty, Jim, Haruko, and Eddie, agents with the NCTC believe he is, and now they must stop Aioka before he stops them. All leads point to the Big Island as the center of this firestorm of terror. Viktor, a Russian FSB agent, joins the NCTC team to find the nukes before another city is destroyed. Not everyone is happy about it It is a chilling fast-paced race to save millions from death and destruction. Kapu aina is the third and final bio-terror thriller in Terrys Hawaii series. Book one in the series, Taka, was released in 2006 and Kona Snow, book two, was released in July of 2007.