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Lifes Snapshots Norman L Wolfson

Lifes Snapshots

Norman L Wolfson

Published October 23rd 2001
ISBN : 9780595721306
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 About the Book 

Norman L. Wolfson retired some years ago after serving many heads of corporations and heads of state in the communications area. Until then, his writing efforts had been rewarded by publication nationally in magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times. Five years ago, after a few idle years, he turned to authoring books and has completed three. The first, Pal of the Gods is the story of the life of Frank Scott, the first agent in sports. Mr. Scott died before publication and the book is being held up by his family for they want the story--already approved by Mr. Scott while he was alive--told with all warts removed. The second, To Be or not To Be, is a novel about a family secret told to a child at age eleven which drives him to the brink of suicide. This book, Lifes Snapshots, is a depiction of what it is like dealing with the rich, the powerful and the famous--and, believe me, at times it can become dangerous.