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Hist of Tourism: Thomas Cook V1 Paul   Smith

Hist of Tourism: Thomas Cook V1

Paul Smith

Published November 11th 2004
ISBN : 9780415193177
70 pages
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 About the Book 

Paul Smith (Born 1945) has been translating and writing books and film-scripts and plays for the past 45 years. His Divan of Hafiz is recognised as the closest and most beautiful translation. His other books include… Hafiz: The Oracle, Hafiz of Shiraz (3 volumes), Ruba’iyat of Hafiz, 700 Sayings of Kabir, Ruba’iyat of Sadi, Ruba’iyat of Rumi, Rumi: Selected Poems, Divan of Sadi, Nizami: Layla and Majnun, Nizami: Treasury of the Mysteries, Obeyd Zakani: The Dervish Joker, Obeyd Zakani’s Mouse & Cat, Hafiz’s Friend: Jahan Khatun, Piercing Pearls: The Complete Anthology of Persian Poetry (2 vols.), Princesses, Sufis, Dervishes, Martyrs and Feminists: Seven Great Women Poets of the East, Makhfi: The Princess Sufi Poet Zeb-un-Nissa,The Sufi Ruba’iyat: An Anthology, The Sufi Ghazal: An Anthology, The Ruba’iyat: A World Anthology, The Ghazal: A World Anthology, The Divine Wine: A Treasury of Sufi & Dervish Poetry (2 vols.), The Masnavi: A World Anthology, Unity in Diversity: Anthology of Sufi Poets of Indian Sub-Continent, Tongues on Fire: Anthology of the Poets of Afghanistan, Wine, Blood & Roses: Anthology of Turkish Poets, Love’s Agony & Bliss: Anthology of Urdu Poetry, Hearts With Wings: Anthology of Persian Sufi & Dervish Poetry, Breezes of Truth: Selected Arabic Sufi Poetry, Ibn al-Farid: Wine & The Mystic’s Progress, Anthology of Classical Arabic Poetry, The Qit’a: Anthology of the ‘Fragment’ in Arabic, Persian & Eastern Poetry, Ruba’iyat of Ma’arri, The Qasida: A World Anthology, Huma: Selected Poetry of Meher Baba, Ruba’iyat of Abu Sa’id, The Poets of Shiraz,Ruba’iyat of Mahsati, Ruba’iyat of Khayyam, Ruba’iyat of Sana’i, Ruba’iyat of Jahan Khatun, Ruba’iyat of ‘Attar, ‘Attar: Selected Poetry, Ruba’iyat of Jami, Ruba’iyat of Kamal ad-din, Ruba’iyat of Auhad ud-din, Yunus Emre… Turkish Dervish: Selected Poems, Ruba’iyat of Sarmad, Hafiz: The Ugly Little Boy who became a Great Poet, The Healer and the Emperor, The First Mystery, The Master, the Muse & the Poet: An Autobiography in Poetry, The Greatest Game, Pan of the Never-Never, Pune: The City of God, Compassionate Rose, and others.