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Peace: Benefits of speaking 1000 words per day Ekta Kalra

Peace: Benefits of speaking 1000 words per day

Ekta Kalra

Kindle Edition
7 pages
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 About the Book 

Peace be with you…Peace means being alone with silence and faith. It means peaceful living with less of speech. I propose through self-experimentation that speaking less than 1000 words per day can silent the mind and soul. It can grow intelligence within the boundaries of your human body. It can help you connect with supreme powers of the galaxies. It can redefine, redesign and rebuild your life.Silence can help experience ultimate peace. Words demand a lot of brain energies and result in exhaustion. Thus, it makes the world looks small because with lesser energies you cannot view the complete picture of the universe. You remain limited to your body form and your desires remain limited to earth’s sickening form. You don’t dwell beyond the material and what you gain is through loss of peace and faith.Faith in Divine requires peaceful rhythm of soul which comes by less and less of speech. Less speech also means that you are your own best friend. Believe me your inner self is actually your own best friend. Thus, silence means less and less of friends, less movement in social gatherings and more self-occupied thoughts. This method of less of social gatherings and more silent living has been practiced by me in recent past. It has helped me grow stronger and more capable. It has brought a renewed me in me. It has thus decorated my mind and soul. I am better in research than before and am also a better writer than before.You will create a better world by every single correction you make in self. So self be understood and realized and there be light and insight.Peace is within you…Thank you!